Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bahco Axes and Hatches - I thought They Were The Same Thing

What is the difference between a hatchet and an axe I hear you ask?

A hatchet is lightweight axe with a shorter handle making them easier to use and carry. The head has a thin blade making for a finer cut which also makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor tasks. Most hatchets heads fall in to the weight category of .6 to 1kg and have a handle length of around 360 - 500mm.

Hand axes are slightly longer and heavier than hatchets which makes them ideal for trimming trees and other general tasks. The head has a thin blade and together with a longer handle, the hand axe offers a longer swing and deeper cut. Hand axes heads usually weigh approx 1kg and have handle lengths of between 600 - 700mm.

Felling axes are heavier still and have a much larger handle. This combined with a heavy gives a much better swing and therefore a deeper cut. The felling axe is designed for cutting down trees or chopping up larger logs. The weight of the felling axe head is between 1.4 - 2.3kg and the shaft length ranges from 800mm to 900mm.

Splitting axes and mauls are similar in weight and length to the felling axes but with one main difference, the head. On a splitting axe, the head is wedge shaped and the back of the head is flat and hammer shaped, this is for knocking in splitting wedges. More often, the splitting axes have a straight shaft while felling axes have a shaped shaft.

Bahco manufacture a large range of hatchets and axes ranging from the standard camping hatchet to the Canadian felling axe. Different types of axes and hatchets are available can come with either wooden or fibreglass handles.

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