Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bahco Ergo Screwdrivers - Ergonomics 101

42 muscles come in to play each time time the hand grips a screwdriver and when this is done on a daily basis, the risk of over exertion, RSI or even numbness comes in to play. When a screwdriver is ergonomically designed, this will reduce greatly the risk or damaged to the user.

Ergonomics can be defines as the science between the environment and the people who act or react with it. Each person is different and when taking in to account their natural preconditions, limitations and working environments, the object of designing and manufacturing Bahco ergo screwdrivers or other ergonomic tools is to reduce the injuries or repetitive strain caused when using them for periods of time. A well designed, ergo screwdriver should be efficient at the task and comfortable to use.

The design of the Bahco ergo screwdrivers is based on an 11 point scientifically recognised programme. Ergonomic research is gathered from users, industrial designers, ergonomists and through trials and testing. This research is then sent to the development department so that new designs and modifications can be examined, tested and prototyped.

All Bacho ergo screwdrivers that have been developed using this programme will be marked with the ERGO® symbol.

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