Saturday, 24 June 2017

Einhell Cordless 18V Power Tools Kit Lithium Ion Powered

Having the right tools with you always helps and this Einhell Cordless 18V kit certainly goes along way to hitting the mark. Included in this kit is a powerful 18V combi hammer drill, which is a must these days, an impact driver for quickly driving home large or long screws. Both of these tools each come complete with a Lithium Ion battery which can be charged in as little as 30 minutes. 


Along with these power tools, this kit also comes with a battery powered radio with AUX input for playing music from phones or MP3 players. As we all need power on the move, this package also includes a USB charging adaptor which, when fitted to one of the Lithium Ion batteries, allows the charging of mobile phones or other USB charged gadgets. Another useful addition to this package is the LED torch light with adjustable head.

All of these tools fit comfortably into the supplied carry bag and as an additional extra, this kit also includes a spare Lithium Ion battery to ensure you never run out of power.


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Get Ultra Flexible with Marshalltown's New Permaflex Stainless Steel Trowels

Speak to most plasterers and they will have their preferred choice of plastering trowel, whether it be carbon steel for the flexibility or stainless steel due to their resistance to rusting. This has always been an issue until now, enter the Marshalltown Permaflex Stainless Steel Plastering Trowel. This has the best of both worlds, the flexibility of the carbon steel and the rust prevention of the stainless steel.

The problem with using stainless steel previously is the thicker it is, the less flexible it is, these new Permaflex Trowels are only 0.3mm thick and as a result, offer an amazing flex that even surpasses most of the carbon steel trowels on the market. In addition to the ultra thin stainless steel blade, it also has rounded corners helping to give an excellent finish without catching or gouging the plaster.

The Marshalltown Permaflex Trowels are fitted with their Durasoft handles which make it comfortable to use for long periods of time. They are firmly fitted to the Xtralite aluminium alloy mounting which in turn is fastened to the blade with stainless steel rivets.

The trowels are available in 6 different sizes, 11", 12," 13", 14", 16" and 18" and all of them are 4.5" in width which ensure that there is a trowel for any job small or large.

To find out more information or to purchase one, click Marshalltown Permaflex Stainless Steel Trowels.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Multi Angle Finder - Ruler - Protractor and Spirit Level

Everyone needs a spirit level at some point when carrying out DIY work around the house and this Blue Spot model just ticks all the boxes. As well as being able to accurately level a given surface it can also be used to measure angles as well, very useful for transferring angles from one surface to another.

On the inside it has metric rule with increments of 1mm all the way up to 500mm. ideal for those time when a quick measurement is requires.

For more information or to purchase one, visit Multi Angle Finder Spirit Level

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

REMS Puma VE Universal Reciprocating Saw

When it comes to reliability and performance, REMS is a brand that can be relied upon
time after time. Founded back in 1909, REMS have been developing hand tools and power tools for the pipe working industry and have a proven track record for quality and innovation. REMS embrace new ideas and technologies and as a result, are able to offer outstanding, long lasting tools that can be relied upon to perform over and over again.

One of the latest power tools from REMS is the Puma VE Universal Reciprocating Saw. A powerful and robust universal free hand saw weighing only 3.8kg. It has a 1300 watt motor with electronic variable speed giving the user greater control and flexibility when cutting. Utilising a 30mm stroke length (and when used with the correct blade type), it is capable of cutting many types of materials such as pallets, wood (even with nails in), metal, stainless steel, cast, breeze blocks, pumice, brick, fibre cement, glass fibre-reinforced plastic and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic.

A big concern for users of most reciprocating saws is the blade change operation and how quickly can they get back to work with the new blade installed. REMS have addressed this issue and have fitted a quick change blade system, simply lift the lever on the side of the machine, insert the blade and release the lever. Quick and simple. The blade can also be inserted in the reverse position for tasks that are in awkward positions or harder to reach places.

One issue that affects most power tools is the vibration the tools produces when in use. The REMS Puma Reciprocating Saw has been fitted with an anti-vibration system which reduces greatly the amount of vibration felt by the user enabling longer working times without the tiredness or arm ache often found with other tools.

Looking after tools is important and this latest model comes with a metal carry case in which to store away when not in use or for carrying between jobs.

To find out more about the REMS Puma VE Universal Reciprocating Saw, visit:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Fluxaf PVCu Cleaner and Restorer

Most people have UPVc around the house nowadays whether it be doors and windows or fascia and soffit. Keeping it clean and presentable is not always and easy job with the weather in this country. After several years, dirt and grime builds up and is not easy to wash off with just soap and water. Fluxaf UPVc restorer is not just a regular cleaner, it also removes ground in dirt and restores the original clean bright colour.

Being a water based product, the Fluxaf PVCu Restorer is Eco Friendly, solvent free and non abrasive meaning it will not damage the surface of the UPVC surfaces. Its formula is fast acting and in just a few minutes, can be wiped off leaving a clean, revived finish.

It can be used internally as well as externally and gives great results in no time at all. It is a simple application, spray on to the surface requiring cleaning, leave for several minutes for the solution to start breaking down the dirt and then wash of with a cloth and water. For more stained or discoloured surfaces, leave the solution on for a longer period of time to work in deeper.

Due to its formulation, it can be used on both caravans and camper vehicles and the owners will be thrilled with the results that can be gained from using the restorer. It can penetrate down through the years of dirt and grime and restore a long lost lustre to the vehicle. As it is Eco Friendly, it can washed off with water and a cloth or for a more quicker result, simply use a pressure washer.

For more information or to purchase the Fluxaf PVCu Restorer, visit:

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wera Soft Faced Hammers

With over 30 years of experience, Wera soft faced hammers delivery the best in quality and functionality for all professional applications. The double ended conical design creates an unbreakable and secure link between the handle and head. There are three styles of hammer in the range, yellow Cellidor head, red urethane head and white nylon head.

The red is a medium to hard headed hammer and is are suitable for hammering sharp-edged work pieces, bodyshop work, automotive and engineering tasks. The yellow soft faced hammer is harder than the red model and is suitable for high demand repair and maintenance work. The white very hard headed hammer is designed for metal processing, dent removal, window fitting, large building and construction work. Due to the nature of the nylon construction, they are splinter free and are ideal for use on sharper edged pieces of work.

All the heads in this range of Wera hammers are replaceable and can be retrospectively fitted where required. Each conical head is slightly tapered which allows for a more accurate hit without damaging the hammer or surrounding materials.

To compliment these versatile heads, the handles are made from strong durable high quality ash wood. The handle fitting also allows for a better cleaner hit as it does not protrude from the end of the hammer.

For more information or to purchase any of the Wera Soft Faced Hammers, visit:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Transtools - New Design for Website

After months of design and testing, we have launched our newly designed website. We have listened to feedback from our customers and taken steps to improve the shopping experience, from finding the products more quickly and easily to simplifying the checkout procedure.

Transtools New Website Design

Here at Transtools, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of hand tools, fixing, sealants, adhesive as well as large range of tools for decorators, builders, electricians, engineers and woodworkers. Along side all these hand tools, we have a range of corded, cordless and air power tools to complete most professional or DIY tasks required.

When using hand tools or power tools, you should always ensure you are wearing the correct safety clothing and to compliment this range of tools, we have work boots, safety hard hats, gloves, glasses, high viability jackets and ear defenders. Just taking a few minutes to put on the correct safety equipment will result in better protection and less chance of injury.

We hope you enjoy our new design and find browsing and shopping on the site a pleasurable experience.