Friday, 15 January 2010

Tacwise 181EL Nailer and 140EL Stapler Kit

Nowadays everyone is looking for an easier ot quicker way of doing things, people just don't want to wait, this is probably one of the reasons the electric nailer was created. Why use a hammer and nails, you hit your thumb, bend the nail, damage the wood, next you start cussing and get angry! It's not very productive. Simple, get the electric nailer out, load with a strip of collated nails, turn on and start nailing, safely, accurately and quickly.

Our latest offer is the Tacwise ultimate stapling and nailing kit comprising a 181EL master nailer, a 140EL staple tacker, a professional staple remover and 5,000 nails and staples.

The Tacwise 181EL is a electric 240 volt nailer capable of firing nails from 10mm to 35mm. It can fire up to 4 nails per second making it great for door frames and skirting board or flooring. The nailer can hold up to 100 nails meaning you have to stop less to refill. The 181EL has a rubber nose to protect the surface from being marked or damaged. The handle has a ruberised grip making it more comfortable when using for long periods of time. A refill window is fitted to the side of the nailer so that you can keep an eye on how many nails are left.

Also included in this kit is the Tacwise 140EL staple tacker. It is also mains powered and comes with a long power cord allowing for easier access when working. It fires type 140 staples and has a load capacity of 100. The stapler is ideal for jobs such as fixing wire mesh to wood, office screens, blinds and awnings and roofing felt. To prevent accidental firing, it has a safety double trigger and a safety on/off switch for added protection.

To complete the kit, a staple remover is included and a generous supply of staples (2000) and nails (3000).

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