Friday, 26 June 2009

Abus Padlocks - Security Done Right

Abus padlocks are renown as one of the best in the world. The Abus 37/60 is one of their most secure padlocks. The body and shackle of the padlock is made from hardened steel alloy and offer the highest protection against forced attacks. Inside this hardened case lies the disk cylinder for the padlock and due to it complex security system, has the highest protection against manipulation.

To help prtect the padlock further, the Abus 37/60 has a "close shackle" which means that most of the shackle which would normally be exposed when the padlock is in use, is now hidden beneath the "shoulders" of the padlock giving the term close shackle.

Other factors can affect the working efficiency of padlocks and this includes weather, usage and temeratures. The Abus 37/60 has been built to such a high standard that it will cope extremely well in all these conditions.

One of the major advantages of Abus padlocks is that they can be used in combination with chains, cables and hasps. What you must bear in mind though when using these security products is to have products of the same level of security. It would be no good using a high security padlock and hasp if the hasp is not securely mounted to the premises.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Stabila Levels and Measures

Stabila have established themselves as one of the most innovative measuring instrument manufacturers in the world today. Since creating the first folding rule over 100 years ago, Stabila have continue to innovate and design new ways to accurately level, measure and rule.

Stabila levels are one of the most accurate in the world and will maintain their accuracy for life. The vials on all Stabila levels are designed not to fog, leak or become inaccurate. If this happens, Stabila will replace providing the level has not been damaged (bent).

The range of Stabila products extend from folding rules to tape measures, spirit levels to digital angle finders and from distance measuring to laser leveling.

Stabila folding rules are designed to easily fit in the pocket and allow the measuring of longer distances than a standard single rule would allow. These have been slowly replaced by the newer tape measures, which are similar to folding rules, but coil up instead of folding.

Spirit levels are framed measuring tools with a vial of liquid (usually Ethanol) with a bubble in. When the bubble is centred in the vial, this indicated the perfect horizontal level. Stabila have a large range of spirit levels including masons levels, torpedo levels, magnetic levels, construction levels and digital levels.

Laser levels allow leveling at greater distances and reduce the time taken to measure and mark multiple locations. The newer self leveling laser levels also reduce the time taken to setup and use the levels.

Distance measuring is accomplished by bouncing a laser of a surface and calculating the time taken to receive the returning signal. Laser measures are excellent for quickly measuring rooms and offices and some can even calculate area and volume.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Power Tools - Trade or DIY?

Power tools come in a variety of different brands, qualities and prices. After checking on the internet today, I can find power tools from as little as £9.99 for a hammer drill up to over £500 for the same type of tool, albeit a better quality, more powerful tool.

What defines whether power tools are designed for the trade or DIY market? I believe that this is not as simple as it first sounds and their are more variables in this argument than initially though.

Firstly, the most important factor is reliability, trade power tools are used daily, for many hours at a time and therefore must continue to maintain their power and performance at all times.

Secondly, when power tools do break down, and they do, what warranty do the manufacturers offer and how quickly will the tools be back and running.

Thirdly, the price, when purchasing power tools, price is always a factor to consider, is it better to buy cheap and replace when broken or to spend more on a higher quality tool and and trust that it will last the distance.

When all these factors are taken into account, I ask the question again, trade or DIY? Some of the less expsensive manufacurers are now offering 2 or 3 year warranties on their power tools but does this mean that they are better power tools or are that they are only designed for the limited DIY use? An average DIY tool is used for maybe 4-6 hours a week giving a total of 208 - 312 hours usage per year and with a 3 year warranty, 624 - 936 hours use in total. A trade to is used 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week giving a yearly usage of 1040-1560 hours. As you can see from these numbers, a 1 year warranty on trade power tools is by far better than a 3 year warranty on DIY power tools.

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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Estwing Striking and Struck Hand Tools

Estwing manufacture a wide range of striking and struck hand tools for both the tradesman and craftsmen alike. Started in 1923, Estwing has grown into one of the worlds most leading manufacturer of comfortable, attractive and durable hand tools.

The range of Estwing striking and struck tools range is extensive and includes hammers, pry bars, axes, chisels, log splitters and geologist tools, all manufactured to the highest standards and offering true value.

In 2001, Estwing introduced a new grip covering that reduces the shock received when a tool is struck or being struck. This vibration is absorbed into the grip reducing the amount of shock the body receives. The grip is also ergonomically designed for the utmost comfort and durability.

More recently, in 2003, Estwing introduced the revolutionary new 'weight forward' hammers. These hammers have a fibreglass shaft and a forward weighted hammer head, which means that less power is required when striking. This new design offers more efficency when nailing and allows for a greater maimum force while still reducing the shock recieved by upto 50 percent.

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Silverline Silverstorm Trade Sander Polisher

Silverline have recently updated their Hi-Spec range of power tools and have released the new Silverstorm line of products. The new Silverstorm Trade Sander Polisher has has a 1200 watt motor powering it and has variable speed settings from 900 to 3000 rpm.

To prevent accidental starting, the Silverstorm Sander Polisher has a safety lock button that must be engaged before using it. This ensures that it does not accidentally start when being picked up or put down.

The 180mm backing pad supplied has a hook and look backing and allows for either 180mm sanding sheets or lambs wool polishing bonnet to be fitted easily and quickly. As it has an M14 output shaft, various sponges and polishing heads can easily be fitted.

Its dial-up speed control maintains even rate of RPM’s, even when putting pressure on to revive the dullest of finishes and the ‘soft start’ trigger and large handle combine to give superb user control.

The Silverstorm Sander Polisher is ideal for polishing and buffing vehicles and boats and is a great sander due to its well balanced build quality.

The sturdy D shaped handle allows for greater control and allows the user a more comfortable working position, reducing fatigue and tiredness, when using for long periods of time.

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rothenberger One Handed Pipe Bender

Rothenberger have released their one handed pipe bender for bending pipe from 5mm up to 10mm or 12mm depending on the model.

The hand bender is a lightweight, easy to carry, one handed pipe forming tool. It can accurately bends up to 90 degrees, even in restricted spaces. It is capable of producing U-bends, counter bends, swan-neck bends and connecting bends in copper or aluminium.

The Rothenberger hand bender works on a ratchet system, each time you squeeze the handle, the centre former is forced forward against the guides to form the bend. The beauty of this system is that it allows for a very accurate bend.

The hand bender has a quick and simple system for changing the bending formers and a button for fast release and removal of the bending formers.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

DeWalt DCD925L2 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Lithium Ion

Due for released the first week in July, the DCD925L2 is the latest in the DeWalt range of 18V cordless power tools. The DeWalt DCD925L2 Combi Hammer drill Driver is now powered by a 2.0Ah 18 volt Lithium Ion battery and as Lithium Ion batteries are lighter, this brings the weight of the tool down to just 2.47 kilograms.

The DCD925L2 is a powerful machine and with 22 torque settings (a maximum torque of 55Nm) and combined with the 3 speed setting makes this a powerful combi hammer drill. It outputs 450 watts of power and is capable of drilling wood to 50mm, masonry to 15mm and metal to 13mm.

A high performance fan cooled motor is fitted to the DCD925L2 which improves the longevity of the tool while in use and also has replaceable brushes for maximum power and durability.

To improve the handling and comfort, the DCD925L2 has a rubberised, ergonomically design handle.

The new charger for DCD925L2 is the DE9135 and it can charge the DE9180 Lithium Ion batteries in just 40 minutes.

The DeWalt DCD925L2 kit comprises of 2 18V 2.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries, 1 240v 40 minute battery charger, a multi position side handle for improved handling and a carry case for easy transportation and storage.

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