Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bahco SB-2448 Heavy Duty Wrecking Knife

The wrecking knife has been designed to be used like a regular chisel 1" (25mm) or when turned sideways a 4" (100mm) wide knife. It can also be used like a machete to chop or whittle wood. The blade back is 4mm thick and made from hardened steel and can be used like a 4" chisel with a hammer on the back of the blade for added force. The handle has a curved guard to protect the knuckles while in use and can also be used with a hammer. The wrecking knife comes in handy for an number of useful woodworking tasks and is always handy to have with you. The knife comes complete with a holster so can easily be carried with you. The holster has button clip to keep the wrecking knife secure when not in use.

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