Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stanley 3 in 1 LED Tripod Torch

The Stanley 3-in-1 tripod torch can be used as either three individual flashlights or when combined together, a powerful, free standing torch. The Stanley LED tripod torch can be used hands-free as, with it's tripod design, it can be positioned practically anywhere, under a vehicle bonnet, in a loft or garage or anywhere where you will benefit from it's maximum 50 lumens of light. Each of the heads of the torch can be angled to 120 degrees.

The heads of these Stanley torches as they are equipped with 120-degree ratcheting head design which means that they can be angled to suit the users requirements. This is an excellent torch for emergencies as it can be split between 3 people giving more light and more usability.

The torches work on AA batteries and each of 3 torches use 2 AA batteries.

Each torch has a 20 lumen light capacity and when combined will generate a maximum up to 50 lumens of light. They  are weather resistant and are ideal for all outdoor work places, especially for camping, fishing or any outdoor activity.

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