Saturday, 23 April 2011

Einhell 4 Function SDS Hammer Drill and Chsiel

Often when using an SDS hammer for chiselling, you have to hold the tool in line with the material you are chiselling. This is often uncomfortable and not always easy to do. Would it not be easier to leave the hammer action on but allow the chuck to rotate to allow the chisel to follow the contours of the surface material without having to awkwardly twist and turn the machine to suit.

Einhell think this way too and have now manufactured a power tool to do just this. Their new SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, the RT-RH26 does just this. It has all the usual functions that most SDS Hammers have including rotary drilling, hammer drilling, rotary stop for chiselling and now the new chisel function without fixation.

So how do this new function work? Simply by selecting the chisel without rotary stop function on the side of the tool, it will give you a fully functional hammer action for chiselling and allow the chuck to rotate allowing for the chisel blade to stay flat against the area being chipped or chiselled.

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