Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers

Often when working with wood, you will need to use clamps to hold the material in place while planing, sanding or carving and this often leaves marks on the work piece. What if you could just place the wood straight on to the bench and get to work. With the Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers, you can do just this.

The Bench Cookies are 75mm diameter x 25mm thick, non-slip pads that are designed to hold the material securely in place while you work. Each Cookie is manufactured from high-friction rubber with a durable core and are designed to be used over and over again. Due to the unique no-marring design, they will not leave unsightly marks or indentations like traditional clamps often do.

Another great feature of the Bench Cookies is the ability to lift the work piece off the bench to make routing or painting easier due to the clearance given. This makes completing projects like varnishing or painting edges quicker and easier and tasks like routing edges much more simpler due to the material being held in place and supported above the bench.

To view more details or to purchase Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_14803/woodworking-tools/quick-clamps/bench-dog-bench-cookie-work-grippers-non-slip-pads-4-pack.html

Friday, 17 February 2012

Wera Impaktor Impact Driver Bits

So many people ask every day, what is the difference between a regular driver and an impact driver and as this is such an important topic these days with the advent of more and more powerful cordless power tools, I think it is time to break down how the two work and why impact driver (when used with the correct type of impact driver bits) are so much more efficient for driving screws.

A regular battery powered driver uses a single drive system to apply a sustained amount of given torque continuously and this is what drives the screw in to the material. The problem arises when the driver bit 'cams out' (jumps out of the head of the screw) and this means it has lost all momentum and needs to be relocated in the screw head and started over. This can often lead to damage to the screw head and or damage to the driver bit.

An impact driver uses a different method of driving the screw and this is achieved by applying a large amount of torque in a downward and rotation force repetitively. This is akin to hitting a spanner around a bolt with a hammer, short, sharp but highly efficient strokes. The advantages to using impact drivers over the standard drivers are greatly increased speed, less fatigue and longer battery life for the tool.

One drawback to using impact drivers is the bit quality used as the torque is often far greater than a standard driver bit can handle. This has been an issue that Wera have been investing heavily in recently and this has been reflected in the recent range of Impaktor driver bits and driver bit holders.

To overcome the greater stresses of the higher torque setting of impact drivers, the bits and bit holders have been engineered to take the force away from the screw head and distribute it across the bit holder and driver bit therefore reducing any damage to the tip of the driver bit or the head of the screw. All bit holders in the Impaktor range have BiTorsion which means they have two areas of torsion and the drivers bits themselves have one area of torsion designed to take the stress instead of passing it along to the head of the screw. When used together, the bit holders and driver bits give a total of three torsion zones hence the TriTorsion name.

Another issue that arises is 'cam out' where the driver bit jumps out of the head of the screw and this has been addresses by using a unique diamond tip on all the Impaktor driver bits which engages with the head of the screw, gripping it as it turns and prevents it from loosing connection with the screw.

For more information or to purchase Wera Impaktor Driver bits and Holders, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/cat_2092/drill-and-driver-bits/impact-driver-bits.html

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wiha VDE Torque Screwdriver Set 10 Piece

When it comes to installing MCB and RCD terminals, over tightening or not tightening enough could prove dangerous, even fatal. If a termination is too loose, it can lead to arcing, hotspots and possibly fire, too tight and you may risk damaging the components and voiding the warranty. To ensure this does not happen, the manufacturers instructions will give the correct torque settings to ensure that the terminals are correctly fitted.

More often or not, most electricians will reply on just hand torque only and this can often be incorrect, what is require is a VDE insulated screwdriver that can be set to a specific torque setting and used with the correct driver bit, enter Wiha with the ultimate VDE screwdriver.

The Wiha VDE Torque Screwdriver has a variable torque setting from 1.0 to 5.0 Nm and this is easily set using the supplied Torque Setter driver which inserts in to the handle and allows the user to set a desired tor setting. Once this is done, insert the bit holder and lock in to place with a click. The bit holder has a lock sleeve to ensure that the bit used does not fall out or get pulled out unnecessarily.

Each Wiha VDE Screwdriver is calibrated and individually certified to UK and International Standards ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the tool.

The full set includes 6 VDE driver bits, (2 x pozi, 2 x phillips and 2 slotted), 1 adjustable torque handle, 1 torque setting tool, 1 standard VDE bit holder and 1 VDE extended bit holder.

For more information or to purchase the Wiha VDE Torque Screwdriver, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_14753/electrical/insulated-tools/insulated-and-vde-screwdrivers-and-sets/wiha-vde-torque-screwdriver-set-10-piece-plus-free-terminal-blade.html

Friday, 3 February 2012

Parcel Drop Box for Home Deliveries

With more and more people working these days, we are not always in when the delivery guys turn up with our newly ordered items of the internet. What usually happens is common to most people, they leave a card, you arrive home, disappointed that your newly purchased item is not there and have to ring the courier to arrange a re-delivery of the parcel. Not any more!

Drop Box is the answer. It is a secure metal container designed to be bolted to the floor or wall of the outside of the house and has a security locking system enabling the delivery person to place the parcel in the box and simply just shut the lid and turn the lock to secure it. Most delivery people require a signature, and to this end, a special unique barcode has been printed on the inside of the drop box so that this can be scanned instead.

Measuring 590mm x 460mm x 609mm, the Drop Box with its 154 litre capacity is large enough for most parcel deliveries and as it is made from high quality materials, it will not rust or stain and will remain secure for many years.

The lid on the Drop Box has hydraulic arms attached to prevent the lid from slamming shut and to assist when opening the box. The lock on the front of the Drop Box is a 4 pin security keyed lock and is simple to secure when needed and requires a key to open.

To find out more information or to purchase the Drop Box, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_14679/security-and-padlocks/security-boxes/drop-box-large-metal-secure-parcel-home-delivery-lockable-storage-container.html