Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lindstrom Precision Tools - Cutters

When it comes to precision cutting tools, Lindstrom are definitely a leader in this market. Their range of precision tools include screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers and cutting tools and extend to over 1000 products. If a suitable tool cannot be found for the task you require, the will work with the customer to design, engineer and build it.

Lindstrom have been manufacturing precision tools since 1856 and have set a very high standard which they maintain through a technical understanding, market requirements and a commitment to advanced technology.

Each range of cutting tools come in different handle styles, RX, CO, DS and HS. The RX is the ultimate in ergonomic and ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe handles. The CO is a standard shape handle in conductive material. The DS is a standard handle in dissipative material. He HS is the traditional ergonomic handle shape made from dissipative material.

Along side the handle choices, the Lindstrom cutters are available in 4 different sizes including extra small, small, medium and large.

As each task requires different tools, the shape of the cutters vary to suit the task. The head of the cutter is shaped to carry out different types of cut depending on the angle, shape and taper. Currently available head shapes include oval, tapered, tapered and relieved, angle, tip and end.

To compliment the shape of the head, the cut/surface is also a factor and can be micro-bevel, flush, ultra-flush, smooth and serrated. If the cutting result is not critical, then use a cutter with the Micro-Bevel® cut for the best capacity and life in most applications. Choose a cutter with the Flush cut for slightly tighter specifications. Use the Ultra-Flush® cut only when required, as it requires the most care in use. The Ultra-Flush® cut is specifically designed to eliminate the "pinches" other cutters make.

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