Monday, 7 December 2009

Bahco 9031 Adjustable Wrench Spanner

The Bahco 9031 Adjustable Wrench is one of the most popular adjustable spanners on the market today.

Weighing only 340 grams, the 9031 packs a very serious punch when it comes to portability vs functionality. With a jaw width of 38mm, the 9031 is one of the widest opening jaws in its class and as it is only 218mm long, can easily fit most pockets.

Comprising of only 5 working parts, the Bahco 9031 adjustable wrench is a solid workhorse and offers excellent reliability.

The Bahco 9031 is constructed from precision-hardened specialist steel and equipped with thermo-plastic ergonomic handles that provide a softer, more comfortable grip. The precision-hardened steel enables the jaws of the wrench to be thin and narrow for optimum access without sacrificing strength.

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