Saturday, 16 January 2010

Triton Superjaws - Getting to Grips With Your Tools

Triton, an Australian based company have been designing and building power tools, workshop tools and machinery since 1976. Triton's philosophy of 'building tools you can rely on' is still at the forefront of everthing they do. The Triton Superjaws portable clamping system was designed back in 1992, and now in its latest design, is still going strong.

The SJA200 Superjaws is a portable workstation, useful for indoor or outdoor tasks. It provides a fast, hands-free clamping action capable of holding materials up to 956mm wide and has a massive 1000kg clamping force to hold it in place. The material is clamped in place by pressing on the foot pedal until the desired pressure is achieved, then move the locking switch and press once more on the pedal to lock. To release the material, move the lock switch to off and press once on the pedal and the jaws will release.

The Superjaws are made from steel and are powder coated for a long lasting finish. The folding legs allow for easy storage and as it only weighs 16kg it is easily transported. The jaws have a Urethane protective facing giving a slip resistant grip.

Along side the standard jaws, 2 other sets of jaws are available to be fitted to the Superjaws, they are the log and Pole Gripping Jaws and the Engineers Jaws. The log and pole jaws have large teeth which will tenaciously grip the log or pole allowing you to saw, drill, rebate or chainsaw it. The engineers jaws are designed for heavy duty metal working. The jaws are shaped to better hold pipe or bar up to 50mm (2 inch) and they also have an anvil face for metal working.

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