Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wera Soft Faced Hammers

With over 30 years of experience, Wera soft faced hammers delivery the best in quality and functionality for all professional applications. The double ended conical design creates an unbreakable and secure link between the handle and head. There are three styles of hammer in the range, yellow Cellidor head, red urethane head and white nylon head.

The red is a medium to hard headed hammer and is are suitable for hammering sharp-edged work pieces, bodyshop work, automotive and engineering tasks. The yellow soft faced hammer is harder than the red model and is suitable for high demand repair and maintenance work. The white very hard headed hammer is designed for metal processing, dent removal, window fitting, large building and construction work. Due to the nature of the nylon construction, they are splinter free and are ideal for use on sharper edged pieces of work.

All the heads in this range of Wera hammers are replaceable and can be retrospectively fitted where required. Each conical head is slightly tapered which allows for a more accurate hit without damaging the hammer or surrounding materials.

To compliment these versatile heads, the handles are made from strong durable high quality ash wood. The handle fitting also allows for a better cleaner hit as it does not protrude from the end of the hammer.

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