Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ryobi TEK4 Cordless Tools

Ryobi have released their versatile TEK4 range of tools, and each one of the tools in the range can use the 4 volt, 1.5Ah interchangeable batteries. Whether it is DIY at home or professional work on site, these Ryobi TEK4 cordless tools can withstand the weather elements and are rugged enough to withstand the daily dirt and grim of the work environment.

All the tools in the range operate from 1 single Lithium Ion battery and these batteries will outlast 6000 AA alkaline batteries reducing waste and money. They have built in PCB which protects the cell against temperature damage due to over discharge or over charging.

With a 2 speed gear box and 24 torque settings, the Ryobi CSD42L Screwdriver is a powerful little workhorse. It has a 6.35mm hex fitting reception so screwdriver bit can be fitted straight in without the need for a chuck. A bright LED is fitted for illuminating dimly lit areas.

When it comes to cutting material like denim, thin sheet metal, packaging, PVC, chicken wire, cardboard, lino or carpet, the Ryobi TEK4 Power Cutter Snips make light work of this. They only weigh 360g but pack plenty of power.

Laser levels are becoming more and more common place and not to be left out, Ryobi have also brought out a cross line laser level with plumb bob functionality. This self levelling laser level can project a line up to 10m either vertically or horizontally, making putting up shelving or hanging pictures a breeze.

The Ryobi TEK4 Digital Multimeter is a must have for all electrical jobs. It is simple to use yet accurate and has 9 different setting for measuring current, volts and amps. A tilt stand is built in for stand alone use and a hanging hook allows for hands free use.

Does your sink back up or your drain not flow away as quickly as you would expect, then the Inspection Scope with Colour LCD display is the answer. The camera at the end of the 1 metre long, waterproof cable has bright LEDs to illuminate allowing you to easily see any blockage or damage. It is also useful for looking behind cavity walls or under floor boards.

Along side all these tools, you will also find noise reduction headphones and MP3 players to LED torches and utility lights as well as motion detectors and travel chargers.

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