Friday, 17 May 2013

Fluxaf PVCu Cleaner and Restorer

Most people have UPVc around the house nowadays whether it be doors and windows or fascia and soffit. Keeping it clean and presentable is not always and easy job with the weather in this country. After several years, dirt and grime builds up and is not easy to wash off with just soap and water. Fluxaf UPVc restorer is not just a regular cleaner, it also removes ground in dirt and restores the original clean bright colour.

Being a water based product, the Fluxaf PVCu Restorer is Eco Friendly, solvent free and non abrasive meaning it will not damage the surface of the UPVC surfaces. Its formula is fast acting and in just a few minutes, can be wiped off leaving a clean, revived finish.

It can be used internally as well as externally and gives great results in no time at all. It is a simple application, spray on to the surface requiring cleaning, leave for several minutes for the solution to start breaking down the dirt and then wash of with a cloth and water. For more stained or discoloured surfaces, leave the solution on for a longer period of time to work in deeper.

Due to its formulation, it can be used on both caravans and camper vehicles and the owners will be thrilled with the results that can be gained from using the restorer. It can penetrate down through the years of dirt and grime and restore a long lost lustre to the vehicle. As it is Eco Friendly, it can washed off with water and a cloth or for a more quicker result, simply use a pressure washer.

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