Thursday, 19 January 2012

Everbuild Lumberjack 550 Wood Flooring Adhesive

Using a high specification hybrid polymer, the Everbuild Lumberjack 550 is an excellent adhesive for adhering all types of wooden flooring to most common substrates such as concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, vinyl, marble, granite and other stone surfaces. As it is 100% active solvent and water free, it will not cause the wood to warp, swell or curl and as it is permanently flexible, it will allow the wood to move or breath without causing any damage.

It has excellent gap filling properties so is great for use on uneven floors or surfaces and due to the elasticity of the Lumberjack 550, it also has very good sound and acoustic properties. After laying new floors, they can be walked on or sanded after 24 hours and will be fully cured after 36-48 hours.

The Everbuild Lumberjack 550 is available in both the standard 310ml cartridge or the more economical 600ml sausage foil, designed for larger application. The 310ml cartridge will bond 1 metre square and the 600ml foil will bond  2 metres square, if applied as directed.

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Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum 2012

After a very successful 2011, Karcher have re-launched WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum for 2012. A powerful little machine, the Karcher WV50 is a cordless vacuum cleaner which has has a squeegee on the front with a vacuum suction system behind which sucks away all the water leaving a streak free, clean window. This lightweight machine is very easy to use and as portable as you can get.

With a full charge, the WV50 is capable of cleaning anything up to 15-20 standard size windows on just 1 charge. It does not have to be used just for cleaning windows though, it can also be used on tiled surfaces as well as mirrors and other glass surfaces.

The water tank on the Karcher WV50 is capable of holding 100 ml of water so does not need to be emptied out after each window.  The squeegee on the front of the window cleaner is 280mm wide which means it covers more area on one go and speeds up the cleaning process.

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Monday, 9 January 2012


Pinkgrip is one of the most common grab adhesives on the market today and will stick most building site materials available. It has an amazing grabbing strength and removes the need to pin under the workpiece to prevent slumping. It's best quality is the inital Direct Bond which eliminates the need to double stick the material.

As Pinkgrip can be used in doors or outdoors, it uses are extremely varied and will adhere to almost all buildings materials found on a work site.

Using polymers at the leading edge of adhesive technology, Pinkgrip can give an excellent grip on porous or non porous surfaces making this a very versatile adhesive. Due to its unique formula, it is also suitable to accommodate filling gaps in uneven surfaces. Pinkgrip has a good 'rip off' quality which results in no stringy mess left when the tube is pulled away from the surface.

Among the many uses of Pinkgrip, it is commonly used for wall panels, battens, door frames, plasterboard, timer, PVCu, worktops, mouldings, ceramics, skirting boards, windows sills, carpet edges, laminates, gripper rods, automotive trim and many more.

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Friday, 6 January 2012


Everbuild are manufacturers of high quality building products including sealants and adhesives. Ranging from standard general purpose building silicone sealant to mirror and glass adhesive and from Lead Mate silicone to Aqua Mate fish talk sealant, Everbuild have it covered.

Along side the sealants and adhesives, Everbuild supply a large range of tiling and decorating products for the trade and DIY alike. Popular products in this line includes Forever White Grout Reviver which is designed to restore tile grout and prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould, Aqua Plus water resistant premium grade tile adhesive, ideal for prolonged or permanent wet conditions. A specially designed tile grout for use on timber which retains it flexibility allowing for floor movement or a ready mix tile adhesive designed for use on concrete floors while still maintaining high flexibility and water resistance.

Everbuild are a UKAS accredited company here in the UK and meet the prestigious British Standards Institute for their 9001 quality management system. This ensures that all products designed and manufactured by Everbuild meet the exacting standards required in today's market for the building industry.

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