Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Winbag Air Wedge Packer

Winbag Air Wedge
The Winbag Air Wedge uses the same concept as the demolition trade for lifting or holding a weight at a certain level. Shrinking it down to a smaller, more portable size, the Winbag is truly one of those items you wish you had years ago.

When lifting furniture, cabinets or just a door you are hanging, how often have you used a foot or better, a door lifter? Just a little higher, no lower, yes! hold it there! Sound familiar, well enter the Winbag Air Wedge. Simply place under the door, furniture, unit and inflate to the desired height. It is capable of holding a load pressure of 100kg and can operate from as little as 2mm up to 50mm fully inflated.

The overall size of the Air Wedge is 190mm x 190mm x 75mm and can easily be stored away or carried in the tool bag.

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