Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sentri Security Vault and Van Box - Secure Your Power Tools

Sentri Professional Security Vaults and Van Boxes.

Often when working on site, there is no where safe to leave your power tools overnight or when they are not in use, and with the cost of replacing several power tools in one go can, the cost can be in the thousands.

One option is to take them home with you, lug them back to the van, drive home and pack them away in the garage, the second option is to use a Sentri Security Vault or Sentri Van Box. These are specially designed tool storage boxes, manufactured from a minimum of 2mm sheet steel are secured by a 4 point XLOCK locking system. This means that 2 8mm deadlocks bolts work in opposite directions on the horizontal plane and 2 on the vertical plane.

Due to the construction of the security boxes, there weight can be anything from 60 - 160kg, so fitted to the bottom of all Sentri vault boxes are forklift/truck skids to assist in moving the box when requires. They also include recessed drop down carry handles on each end of the box to assist when moving the box. These handles have rubber pads fitted to reduce the rattling noises made when transporting the box.

Sentri box lids are all fitted with two hydraulic arms which assists opening the box and also prevents it from slamming shut. To prevent the would be thief trying to pry open the box, they are all fitted with anti-jemmy bars.

Inside all the Sentri boxes, there is a protective mat which reduces the scratches or damage power tools can receive while being transported.

Sentri van boxes and security vaults are all supplied with 2 keys and to compliment this and give peace of mind, there are over 16,000 different key combinations. All boxes are all uniquely numbered so that replacement keys can be supplied, should the need arise.

All the boxes have black powered coated finish which protects the boxes from weathering and rusting and gives it a professional finish.

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