Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Irazola Screwdriver Sets - Roll Your Tools Up

Screwdrivers sets take up so much space in the tool bag, you always end  up carrying far too many just because you don't want to find that the one you really need, you left back at the garage.

What if you could remove all the handles, this would take up a lot less space. Well, Irazola (part of the Bahco group) have also though of this idea and have produced a 13 piece VDE insulated screwdriver set, which when rolled up, is only 200mm (8") in length and 75mm (3")
 across. The kit comprises of 5 flat heads, 3 pozi heads, 3 Philips heads, a neon tester and a quick release interchangeable handle, all secured in a nylon roll mat.

Fitting the screwdrivers into the handle is simple, choose the required driver and  push until you here a click, done. To remove the driver, simply twist the lock nut and remove the driver.

All the screwdrivers in this set are tested to 1000 volts and are indivually VDE stamped.

The handle itself is confortable to use and has plenty of grip due to the rubberised finish on the lower part of the handle. 

Overall, this is a lightweight yet strong screwdriver kit and as there is only one handle, is considerably small and easy to carry arround.

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