Thursday, 28 May 2009

Knipex Pliers - The Professionals Choice

Knipex Pliers are manufactured to a very high standard and it has been this way for over 125 years. Knipex started in a small forge in 1882 producing 60 pairs of pincers each day and now, in 2009, product over 45,000 per day.

Knipex are the worldwide market leader for pliers, and remain this way by keeping to there statement 'Less is More', keep doing what you are doing and do it the best you can. They are a family owned business and have partners in over 100 countries.

Knipex pliers are manufactured from only the highest quality steel and to their own specification and all the pliers are heat treated to improve the tool hardness and toughness. The forging dies used to make the pliers are made internally to their own design data.

Knipex are constantly looking at ways they can improve the load and life cycle of their pliers, ways to improve the hand force required to use them and new designs are constantly being produced to make the pliers more ergonomic.

The current range of pliers exceeds 1000 and Knipex are constantly looking at new designs and new ways to improve upon existing pliers.

With uncomromising quality, a dedication to excellence and a positive, well trained workforce, Knipex are unquestionably the brand leader for professional pliers.

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