Thursday, 28 May 2009

Abus High Security Container Locks

Security container locks are being used more and more in this current climate and with the amount of theft that is happening, keeping them secure is more import than ever. Likewise vandals also prove to be a problem and leaving a container unsecured is just asking for trouble. Leaving a door unlocked and trusting that no one will help themselves is no longer valid these days. Gone are the days you could leave your door open when you nipped down to the shops. If it is not under lock and key, it will get up and walk away.

As more and more goods are being transported or stored in containers, the necessity to secure them is paramount. They offer great protection from weather and theft provided that they are secured properly.

The weakest part of a container is the doors and this is were Abus have concentrated their effort. The Abus 215/100 Granit Container Lock is manufactured from hardened steel alloy and is cathodic dip coated to protect against corrosion. The lock mechanism is design to resist both physical and manipulation attempts and offers 250, 000 genuine different key combinations. It has a double ball bearing locking system which is anti-drill and anti pull protected.

It is easily fitted to a container and due to the simplicity of the installation, it is easy to remove and reuse on another container.

The container lock is approved to VdS standard when used with the Abus 37RK/70 padlock and will give the maximum protection.

Container locks are designed to minimise the time the owner takes to open or lock the container but maximise the amount of time it would take a thief to attempt to break in.

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