Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ryobi One Plus Power Tools and Garden Tools

Power tools are a great time saver, whether you are screwdriving or drilling, hedge trimming or grass strimming, cordless tools are a godsend. The only problem is, every time you buy new power tools, they all have a different battery and charger systems, that is unless you buy one of the Ryobi One Plus power tools or One Plus garden tools. 

Cordless power tools all need batteries, so 
Ryobi created the One Plus range, simply put, one battery fits all, yes all 29 power tools and all 7 garden power tools.

There are currently 3 batteries available that can power all the tools, the 1.7Ah 18V NiCad, 1.4Ah 18V Lithium Ion (slimline battery) or the 2.4Ah 18V Lithium Ion.

When buying power tools, budget is also a factor, and as you no longer have to purchase batteries with each tool you buy in the Ryobi One Plus range, you only pay for the tool which means that the cost will be lower. 

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