Friday, 29 May 2009

Rothenberger Plumbing Tools

Rothenberger have been manufacturing pipe and plumbing tools for over 60 years and pride themselves on producing high quality tools. All the plumbing tools they manufacture are rigorously tested before being brought to market.

Rothenberger are an innovative company and are always looking to further the range of plumbing tools. They are a leading manufacturer of pipetools and traditional values including customer orientation and customer service are among their core principles.

One of the latest products in the Rothenberger range is the Roscope Multiview drain pipe inspection digital camera. It allows the user to view the inside of the pipe or drain for blockages or damage so that the correct repair can be carried out. It uses a 1.5m gooseneck cable with LED lite 10mm camera to project an image back to the 3.5in TFT monitor. Images can also be saved to a SD memory card and transferred to a computer.

Rothenberger's range of plumbing tools is extensive and includes the lightweight Aluminium Pipe Wrench, almost 40% lighter than the equivalent steel version , the INOX Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter and the Superfire 2 Gas Torch. The Superfire 2 is a professional torch which runs on either MAPP gas or Propane gas and can even operate upside down.

The most popular item in the Rothenberger range at present is the industrial 15mm and 22mm copper and light steel pipe bender. It comes complete with guides for both 15mm and 2mm pipe.

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I have the driver/drill, impact driver, flashlight, and circular saw. I love pulling the sawhorses out in the HD parking lot and making the first set of cuts on plywood projects so the pieces fit in my car. The looks I get are great, and I don’t have to horse big sheets of ply around the house and down the basement.
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