Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Plumbing Tools - Monument BCM35 Copper Pipe Bender

When it comes to plumbing tools, one of the most commonly used tools is the pipe bender. Pipe benders come in a variety of different styles from hand benders to floor standing bending machines. Most pipe benders work in a similar way, the pipe is held in place by the dies, clamping block and forming die, the guide is then pulled around the pipe and forming die creating the bend.

Due to the recent recession, more and more imported cheap and poor quality plumbing tools are entering the UK market and this is making British made products appear to be more expensive than they really are. Monument Tools still manufacturer pipe benders here in the UK and are proud of the high build quality and performance they achieve. All the pipe benders for both copper and steel meet the EN and BS standards of quality required for plumbing tools in the UK.

The latest model from Monument is the BCM35 Copper Pipe Bender. It is capable of bending copper pipe in sizes 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 35mm diameter. As standard, it is supplied with formers and guides for the 15, 22 and 28mm pipe but the optional 35mm former and guide kit can be purchased if required.

The formers have been precision machined and this gives them total accuracy when bending pipes. The BCM35 has an adjustable vice mount allowing for a range of vices to be used.

The Monument BCM35 Copper Pipe Bender is available to buy for just £440.50 including VAT.

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Rather than using a connector every time the pipe needs to turn,the new copper pipe bender will give comfort to the user and the same time it will meet the standard quality that require.

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For steel pipe bending, you need to support the interior of the tubing with a mandrel. After this has been done, the tubing is then set on the machine and is then bent into the desired shape you want.

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