Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Buy Power Tools Online Securely

We have been selling power tools online for several years and and one thing customers have always been worried about is that credit card or personal details were not secure or the website in question was not who they claim to be. We have always used SSL for our online transactions but as the address bar only changed to blue and not green, some customers did not feel totally secure.

To give our customers the best feeling of security, we have updated our SSL certificate to a VeriSign Pro EV Certificate ensuring the address bar goes green. VeriSign are one of the leading companies who specialise in SSL (secure socket layer) certificates, this ensures that online date is encrypted to protect customer data whether it be personal address details or credit card details.

SSL is an encryption algorithmic protocol which takes the data from a website, encrypts it, sends the data to the recipient and then decrypts it. This means that should someone intercept the date on route, it would not be legible.

Most online retail websites use SSL and usually the minimum of 40 bit encryption (The higher the bit rate, the more encrypted the data). Good retailers insist on 128 bit encryption giving a more secure site and more confidence for the customer.

When a website enters a secure area, a padlock appears and the address bar changes colour to indicate the security of that website. Red is NOT secure and could possibly be a fraudulent website, Blue is secure and usually entails at least 40 bit encryption or a self certified SSL certificate, Green is the highest, this means that the company and the website have both been vetted and the certificate that is issued indicates this.

Here at Transtools, we have a VeriSign Pro EV Certificate and when entering our personal details or credit card details, you are in a secure area and the address bar will go Green to indicate this.

To shop with confidence for power tools or hand tools, visit our website: www.transtools.co.uk

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