Friday, 24 July 2009

Fluxaf Green Paint Stripper - Environmentally Friendly Stripping

If the EU gets it way and bans all paint strippers and graffiti removers that contain DCM, then there will be a shortfall in products for this market. One product that will fill this hole is the Fluxaf Green stripping agent manufactured by Fibre Multipurpose Products Ltd. it does not contain DCM, is environmentally friendly and is biologically degradable.

Fluxaf Green is suitable for removing paint or varnish from almost any surface and as it contains no acids, lye or hazardous solvents, paraffin or preservatives, is very safe to use.

Fluxaf Green can be used internally or externally and can be applied with a brush or roller. Due it viscosity and adhesive strength, it does not drip from ceilings or walls.

Event though it does not contain DCM, Fluxaf Green stripping agent is still as affective as previous paint strippers such as Nitromors but with the added advantage of being environmentally friendly.

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