Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hand Tools

Hand tools are classed as tools that involve the use of hands to perform work on material or other tools to carry out a task or produce a piece of work. The variety of hand tools extend from screwdrivers to saws and from glass cutters to multi tools. The extent of these tools makes categorising them difficult as cordless power tools could also fall into this category as they are operated by hand.

Since the stone age, man has formed hand tools from simple bone, flint and stone. These early tools were effective then but have evolved over the years, adapted for different tasks and improved upon to produce better results.

In this modern age, we have more materials to make hand tools from than ever before, metals that stay sharper for longer, plastics that have the strength of metal and hammers that are lighter yet wield the same force as one twice the weight.

One of the more popular hand tools at present is the multi tool, a tools designed to carry out many different tasks. Usually they have a knife blade, pliers and a screwdriver, but many have a greater range and include snips, bottle and can openers, a saw blade and even a cork screw. These multi tools offer great functionality and are easily carried with you or kept handy in the toolbox.

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