Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Marshalltown Stilts - Walk Tall Reach High

Marshalltown stilts allow the drywall installer or plasterer to reach greater heights without the use of a ladder or scaffolding and be able to move around safely.

The new Marshalltown Skywalker 2.0 stilts offer even greater manoeuvrability than the previous stilts and even more security when walking around. The foot at the bottom of the stilts has an ankle spring to make for a more natural walking motion and therefore less clumsy when moving around.

To give stability, the Marshalltown stilts have 3 points of fastening, the toe, the heel and the calf. All these straps are adjustable and allow for different shoe fittings and widths.

The Marshlltown Skywalker stilts come in two lengths, 18in to 30in and 24in to 40in, both of which are height adjustable.

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