Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Plasterboard Trolley - Make Light of Drywalling

Carrying plasterboards, one at a time from the back of the van can be time consuming and can waste precious time. The plasterboard trolley makes light work of transporting up to 15 boards at one time.

The plasterboard trolley has been designs with 'ease of use' in mind and lives up to its design. It is constructed from 30mm tubular steel and as a result is very strong and sturdy. It has a removable vertical bar to allow for carrying up to 15 boards (12.5mm thick) and has a maximum weight capacity of 800kg.

Four large wheels are fitted to the plasterboard trolley, two static and two swivel allowing it to move across the floor easily.

To view details or purchase the plasterboard trolley, visit:

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