Tuesday, 3 April 2012

High Heat Paint for Stoves and BBQs

With the good weather we have had lately, it is time to dig the barbecue out of the shed or garage and fire it up again but alas, it is starting to look a little shabby.  Often, the paint may have blistered or the metal surface under the paint even may have started to rust and cause the top paint to peel away. The best solution is to apply a coat of high heat paint, but before this can be done, you must first do some preparation.

Before you start to do any work, get yourself a tarpaulin or ground sheet out, as this will make the clean up later a lot easier. It is always advisable to wear safety gloves and goggles or glasses when carrying out this kind of work.

The first step is to remove any flaky paint or rust from the surface and this is best done with a wire brush and a small paint scraper being careful not to scratch or mark the underlying metal surface. Once all the flaky paint and rust has been removed, the area can be further cleaned with wire wool which will remove and smaller particles left. The area now needs to be scrubbed with a brush and warm soapy water to remove any grease or oily residue left to ensure the surface is suitable for the new application of paint. Rinse off the soap with clean fresh water and leave to dry for several hours.

Now the surface is clear of rust and old paint, grease and oily residue, you can start to apply the high heat paint. Ensure that during this process, a face mask is worn for your safety and you are in a well ventilated area. Shake the can for at least 1 minute after you hear the ball start moving around, this will ensure the paint is ready to apply. Start spraying the area holding the can about 30cm from the surface and spray from one side to the other overlapping slightly on the return spray. After about 50 minutes, the second coat can be applied using the same process.

It is always recommended that when using spray paints, the temperature should not be below 10 degrees centigrade or above 32 degrees. Always were protective gloves, glasses and face mask for you own safety.

For more information or to purchase high heat paint, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_15079/painting-and-decorating/metal-paint/rust-oleum-stove-and-bbq-heat-proof-black-paint-400ml.html

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