Monday, 16 April 2012

Wood Screws Reisser vs Spax

Wood screws come in many different styles and qualities. Two of the top quality woodscrews on the market at present come from Reisser and Spax. Both of these companies manufacture high quality wood screws for the trade and both have their own innovative technologies to improves the quality, ease of starting and countersinking ability.

Both the Reisser and Spax screws have countersinking abilities due to unique design on the underside of the head of the screw. Reisser call these the Ribs and Tucks whereas Spax refer to them as Breaking and Cutting Ribs. Both of these designs work in a similar way by self-cutting a countersink when being screwed in to timber.

To prevent the wood from splitting, both screws have their own unique design. The Riesser wood screws have 2 (25mm and above) unique patented slots in the screw which allows the wood to be displaced when driving through. The Spax screws have a squared shaft at the tip to prevent the wood from cutting or spitting.

The Spax screws are yellow passivated which gives 10 time longer rust protection than regular BZP screws while the Reisser screws are yellow tropicalized and this gives up to 20 times better rust protection than a standard BZP screw.

The Reisser Cutter wood screws have a sharp, lubricated, deep thread which gives up to 40% reduction in driving resistance resulting in less torque required.  Also they feature a re-inforced collar which prevents snapping and also gives a deeper insert for the driver bit reducing the risk of 'cam-out'.

Both screws feature a unique tip, the Reisser has a 25 degree needle point whereas the Spax screws have a 4cut point design, both give an immediate start without drilling.

As both of these screws have similar features, it often comes down to price when it comes to buying your next box of screws.

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