Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers

Often when working with wood, you will need to use clamps to hold the material in place while planing, sanding or carving and this often leaves marks on the work piece. What if you could just place the wood straight on to the bench and get to work. With the Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers, you can do just this.

The Bench Cookies are 75mm diameter x 25mm thick, non-slip pads that are designed to hold the material securely in place while you work. Each Cookie is manufactured from high-friction rubber with a durable core and are designed to be used over and over again. Due to the unique no-marring design, they will not leave unsightly marks or indentations like traditional clamps often do.

Another great feature of the Bench Cookies is the ability to lift the work piece off the bench to make routing or painting easier due to the clearance given. This makes completing projects like varnishing or painting edges quicker and easier and tasks like routing edges much more simpler due to the material being held in place and supported above the bench.

To view more details or to purchase Bench Dog Bench Cookie Work Grippers, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_14803/woodworking-tools/quick-clamps/bench-dog-bench-cookie-work-grippers-non-slip-pads-4-pack.html

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UPDATE: The Bench Dog Cookies are now available here in the UK.

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