Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Purdy Jiffy-Loc Roller Frames and Extension Poles

Often when painting rooms, it is good to have a larger paint roller frame as well as a smaller frame for around doors and windows. The drawback to this is usually the screw thread on the extension pole which has to be unscrewed each time you change roller frames. After consulting with many professional painters and decorators, Purdy have designed a simple and easy to use system for changing the roller frames on the extension poles, it is called the Jiffy-Loc. Using this system allows the painter to quickly and easily change roller frames at the push of a button.

How does it work? The Jiffy-Loc quick release system has two parts, the first is the male adaptor which has 6 locating pins and a recessed lip around the top, the second is the female adaptor which has the recess holes for the locating pins to align with and the Jiffy-Loc thumb plate and spring assembly. When pushed together, the spring mechanism engages around the recessed lip on the male adaptor locking and holding it securely in place. When it comes to changing the roller frame over, a simple press on the thumb plate and the spring is depressed and released from the recess allowing the pole to be removed.

Not all roller frames have the Jiffy-Loc male fitting and as a result, Purdy have released an adaptor just for this reason. It uses the acme standard screw fitting on one end and the male Jiffy-Loc fitting on the other converting it over to the quick release system. As well as the male adaptor, there is also a female adaptor that will convert standard screw thread poles over to the quick release system allowing it to be used with the new Purdy adjustable frame rollers.

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