Friday, 3 February 2012

Parcel Drop Box for Home Deliveries

With more and more people working these days, we are not always in when the delivery guys turn up with our newly ordered items of the internet. What usually happens is common to most people, they leave a card, you arrive home, disappointed that your newly purchased item is not there and have to ring the courier to arrange a re-delivery of the parcel. Not any more!

Drop Box is the answer. It is a secure metal container designed to be bolted to the floor or wall of the outside of the house and has a security locking system enabling the delivery person to place the parcel in the box and simply just shut the lid and turn the lock to secure it. Most delivery people require a signature, and to this end, a special unique barcode has been printed on the inside of the drop box so that this can be scanned instead.

Measuring 590mm x 460mm x 609mm, the Drop Box with its 154 litre capacity is large enough for most parcel deliveries and as it is made from high quality materials, it will not rust or stain and will remain secure for many years.

The lid on the Drop Box has hydraulic arms attached to prevent the lid from slamming shut and to assist when opening the box. The lock on the front of the Drop Box is a 4 pin security keyed lock and is simple to secure when needed and requires a key to open.

To find out more information or to purchase the Drop Box, visit:

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