Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wiha VDE Torque Screwdriver Set 10 Piece

When it comes to installing MCB and RCD terminals, over tightening or not tightening enough could prove dangerous, even fatal. If a termination is too loose, it can lead to arcing, hotspots and possibly fire, too tight and you may risk damaging the components and voiding the warranty. To ensure this does not happen, the manufacturers instructions will give the correct torque settings to ensure that the terminals are correctly fitted.

More often or not, most electricians will reply on just hand torque only and this can often be incorrect, what is require is a VDE insulated screwdriver that can be set to a specific torque setting and used with the correct driver bit, enter Wiha with the ultimate VDE screwdriver.

The Wiha VDE Torque Screwdriver has a variable torque setting from 1.0 to 5.0 Nm and this is easily set using the supplied Torque Setter driver which inserts in to the handle and allows the user to set a desired tor setting. Once this is done, insert the bit holder and lock in to place with a click. The bit holder has a lock sleeve to ensure that the bit used does not fall out or get pulled out unnecessarily.

Each Wiha VDE Screwdriver is calibrated and individually certified to UK and International Standards ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the tool.

The full set includes 6 VDE driver bits, (2 x pozi, 2 x phillips and 2 slotted), 1 adjustable torque handle, 1 torque setting tool, 1 standard VDE bit holder and 1 VDE extended bit holder.

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