Saturday, 14 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT2

Following on from the our previous article on Power Tools Safety, today we will be covering the safety aspects of the tools themselves.

When it comes to using power tools, looking after them and taking care of them is just as important as the safety equipment needed when using them. It is so easy to cut through a power cable or to damage the plug and this could be disastrous. Every year, hundreds of people are electrocuted or even killed using power tools that have been damaged or badly worn. Taking just 1 minute to give the tool and power cable a good look over to identify any damage that may have occurred previously could just save your life.

PAT testing should also be carried out on all power tools on a yearly basis but this does not exclude the user from carrying out their own safety checks on a daily basis.

Power tools are commonly used on building sites and often at great heights on scaffolding. This itself is not particularly dangerous as the scaffolding has already been safety checked but imagine dropping a tool weighing 5 kgs from this height, it becomes a deadly weapon to those working below. More and more power tools these days come with an anchor points for attaching safety lanyards to to prevent drops or falls. For those tools that do not have anchor points, it is more important to ensure that when resting the tool down, it is placed in a manor that prevents it from being knocked over the edge.

A common mistake when using power tools is to put off a repair until a job is finished but this is often when accidents can occur. If the tool becomes damaged either while in use, due to a fall or even a manufacturing fault, it should be taken out of commission immediately and taken for repair or replacement as soon as possible. It is advised that a tag or sticker be placed on the tool to allow other workers to identify this and prevent a potential accident occurring.

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