Thursday, 12 August 2010

GMC Power Tools

GMC Power Tools (Global Machinery Company) were, until recently, an Australian owned company, but are now owned by Toolstream here in the UK.  They were established back in 1997 and pride themselves on being a leader in innovation in the power tools industry. Constantly researching and innovating new and improved products, GMC were one of the first to introduce the inverted table saw and the Redeye® laser line products, powered router table and dowelling machine.

Catering to both the Professional and the DIY enthusiat alike, GMC Power Tools have a large range of tools to suit most tasks. Included in this range are corded and cordless power tools, compressors and air tools, garden tools, woodworking tools and laser measuring tools. All the tools are manufactured to exacting standards and use some of the most modern composites such as carbon fibre and magnesium alloys which allow GMC to keep the strength require for these types of tools yet make them lighter.

When compared to other manufacturers of power tools, GMC offer great value for money, excellent after care and well designed tools.

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