Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT1

When using power tools, safety should always be one of the first things you should be aware of.  These factors are commonly overlooked and as a result, accidents and injuries can often occur. These would so easily be avoided if the correct safety equipment was being used or worn.

The first and probably the most important safety item on this list would be the safety glasses. They come in various styles and shapes and even come with tinted lenses for outdoor use. Many of the safety glasses made today also incorporate side protection or side shields. When operating power tools, sparks, splinters, fragments and particles of dust are very common and can cause eye irritation,  temporary or even permanent blindness. When you consider the cost of a pair of safety glasses, it far out ways the cost of loosing an eye.

The next item of safety equipment that is commonly not used is the safety gloves. Gloves not only offer protection for the hands but also cushion the hand from vibration often found in certain power tools. These too are also fairly inexpensive, and when an injury could cost the day off work, the benefits far out way the cost.

Good quality work boots can often cost anything from £30 - £100 and yet most workers are happy to pay this amount but then work with power tools without the use of safety glasses or gloves.

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