Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wallrock Thermal Lining Paper - It IS Rocket Science

Erfurt Mav Wallrock Thermal Liner has been designed using technology originally developed for aerospace and using this 'know how', have combined it with the established Wallrock Fibreliner to give one of the best thermal lining papers available.

Not only does the Wallrock Thermal Lining Paper give up to 36% energy savings, it can reduce room warm up times by as much as 65%. This means that your room will be warmer in far less time allowing you to reduce the heat and make savings on that all important energy bill.

So how does it all work? When a room has been lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner, it reflects warm air back in to the room from all the wall surfaces, therefore keeping the heat in and warming the room quicker. When used with a thermostatically controlled heating system, it reduces the energy required to heat the room. If a thermal liner is not used, a great majority of the energy is used to heat the walls before the room starts to heat up.

Along with the energy saving potential, the Wallrock Thermal Liner can also stop mould from forming by increasing the surface temperature of the wall therefore preventing condensation which is how mould can form.

The Wallrock Thermal Liner also has a high degree of noise and sound absorption and this corresponds to the acoustic performance of a 5mm thick velour carpet.

With all these properties, it is a very good liner but to top it all off, it also covers up cracked and damaged walls with ease. Due to the elasticity in the flexible fibres, the 3.5mm thickness of the liner itself and combines with the Wallrock adhesive, it is able to cover damaged walls very well.

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