Saturday, 5 September 2009

DeWalt DW030PXJ Laser Distance Measurer

Long gone are the days of measuring rooms and buildings with a tape measure, everything has gone digital. Nowadays, we pull a laser measure out, couple of button presses later, we have the room/building size. The new DeWalt DW030PXJ Laser Distance Measurer fit the bill perfectly with its 30 metre range and back lit screen, get the job done quickly and accurately.

The DW030PXJ has a ruggedised rubber casing around the device making it easier to hold in wet and dust conditions. Internally, the mechanism has been made to withstand a fall of 2 metres. The buttons are raised and oversized making it easier to use in working condition.

The DeWalt DW030PXJ is capable of measuring distances up to 30 metres and is accurate to 3mm at 30m.

To view more details or to purchase the Dw030PXJ, visit:

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