Thursday, 3 September 2009

Power Tools Security - Sentri Boxes

Unfortunately in this day and age, theft is prevalent and securing your power tools is more important than ever before. Yes they can be locked in the van or tool shed but they are easily broken into.

What is required is a theft proof storage box that is too heavy to run off with, yet is still portable and secure. This is where Sentri van boxes and site vaults fit the bill. Due to a clever 4 way XLock system and anti-jemmy bars all round, these van are very secure and provide your power tools with that all important protection.

They are available in two different styles, the vehicle boxes and the site vaults. The vehicle box is designed to be placed in or on the back of a vehicle and are fitted with twin hydraulic arms to support the lid, 5 lever double throw deadlocks and heavy duty piano style hinges. The site vault is a larger version of the vehicle box, with all the same security specs, but these have fork truck skids and can also be fitted with heavy duty wheels to improve mobility. The site vault also comes in a flammable version for storage or transportation of flammable materials.

All Sentri boxes come with four keys and are serial numbered for an overnight key replacement service.

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