Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stanley Rotator Ratchet Socket Set

You have a nut or bolt to tighten/loosen and it is in the most awkward of places. You can barely get a ratchet and socket on to it but there is no room to swing the ratchet arm. The Stanley Rotator ratchet is the perfect tool for the job.

Instead of swinging the arm left and right to tighten or loosen the nut/bolt, with the Stanley Rotator, you simply twist the handle clockwise then anti-clockwise and this action translates to the socket on a 4-1 ratio (4 turns of the handle = 1 turn of the socket).

Not only is this easier to use in confined spaces, it also allows greater control of the tightness of the nut/bolt. The Stanley Rotator still works perfectly fine as a standard 1/4" ratchet and socket but the added twist makes it so much simpler to use.

The sockets snap on to the Rotator the same as usual but to remove them, there is a push button on the back of the head, press - pull - release.

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