Thursday, 6 August 2009

Monument Gasex 424R Gas Cannister

Monument Gasex is a replacement gas canister for use with plumbing tools such as gas torches. The Gasex is a liquefied petroleum gas, is 30% faster than propane gas and does not contain any Butadiene.

The canisters are manufactured from aluminium and are recyclable, this makes them environmentally friendly. When full, the The Monument Casex canisters contains 450g of gas and weighs only 0.6kg.

The Monument Gasex canisters are both TUV approved and also meet both UN2037 and EN417 standards. Due to their construction and the standards they meet, they can also be legally transported in limited quantities.

These Gasex canisters are designed to fit the Monument 403F professional quality soldering and brazing torch. This torch has wrap around turbine flame, piezo ignition, anti flare, flame adjuster and on / off trigger.

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