Monday, 9 January 2012


Pinkgrip is one of the most common grab adhesives on the market today and will stick most building site materials available. It has an amazing grabbing strength and removes the need to pin under the workpiece to prevent slumping. It's best quality is the inital Direct Bond which eliminates the need to double stick the material.

As Pinkgrip can be used in doors or outdoors, it uses are extremely varied and will adhere to almost all buildings materials found on a work site.

Using polymers at the leading edge of adhesive technology, Pinkgrip can give an excellent grip on porous or non porous surfaces making this a very versatile adhesive. Due to its unique formula, it is also suitable to accommodate filling gaps in uneven surfaces. Pinkgrip has a good 'rip off' quality which results in no stringy mess left when the tube is pulled away from the surface.

Among the many uses of Pinkgrip, it is commonly used for wall panels, battens, door frames, plasterboard, timer, PVCu, worktops, mouldings, ceramics, skirting boards, windows sills, carpet edges, laminates, gripper rods, automotive trim and many more.

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