Thursday, 19 January 2012

Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum 2012

After a very successful 2011, Karcher have re-launched WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum for 2012. A powerful little machine, the Karcher WV50 is a cordless vacuum cleaner which has has a squeegee on the front with a vacuum suction system behind which sucks away all the water leaving a streak free, clean window. This lightweight machine is very easy to use and as portable as you can get.

With a full charge, the WV50 is capable of cleaning anything up to 15-20 standard size windows on just 1 charge. It does not have to be used just for cleaning windows though, it can also be used on tiled surfaces as well as mirrors and other glass surfaces.

The water tank on the Karcher WV50 is capable of holding 100 ml of water so does not need to be emptied out after each window.  The squeegee on the front of the window cleaner is 280mm wide which means it covers more area on one go and speeds up the cleaning process.

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