Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Vitrex Laminate Wood Cutter

When it comes to laying laminate flooring, cutting the laminate panels is probably the most time consuming. Not any more! The new Laminate Wood Cutter from Vitrex will cut through 200mm x 12mm laminate panels in seconds.

The Vitrex Laminate Cutter is small enough and portable enough to keep along side you while laying the floor. Simply measure the next piece, cut and lay. No more walking back and forward to the workbench during installation.

The unique long life blade has been engineered for quickly, safely and cleanly cutting through 200mm wide, 12mm thick laminate panels and requires no maintenance. The V support ensures that the laminate panels are held level and secure during the cut. Also included in the kit is a positioning block which gives extra support when cutting longer lengths.

For more details or to purchase the Vitrex Laminate Wood Cutter, visit: http://www.transtools.co.uk/store/prod_11205/store/construction-tools/contractors-tools/vitrex-800100-laminate-wood-floor-cutter.html

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