Friday, 5 February 2010

Ronseal Power Sprayer - Fence Spraying Made Easy

Ronseal have released their update 2010 model of the Power Sprayer. Powered by a 6 volt battery, the fence sprayer is capable of spraying up to 40 fence panels with no charging required.

This updated model has been redesigned and is even easier to get started, simply clip the motor head on to a Ronseal Spray or Brush Tub and start straight away. You can also use the tub provided and simply fill with a sprayable fence liquid. Cleaning the sprayer is even easier, empty the tub, fill with clean water and spray, simple.

The Ronseal Power Sprayer has a 2 metre hose connected to the lance allowing for more flexibility and control when spraying. The lance has a precision fan nozzle for an accurate and controlled spray pattern.

Top Tip: When spraying, always remember to maintain a steady speed and keep a constant distance from the substrate to be treated for an even finish.

To view more details or to purchase the Ronseal Power Sprayer, visit:

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