Thursday, 25 June 2009

Stabila Levels and Measures

Stabila have established themselves as one of the most innovative measuring instrument manufacturers in the world today. Since creating the first folding rule over 100 years ago, Stabila have continue to innovate and design new ways to accurately level, measure and rule.

Stabila levels are one of the most accurate in the world and will maintain their accuracy for life. The vials on all Stabila levels are designed not to fog, leak or become inaccurate. If this happens, Stabila will replace providing the level has not been damaged (bent).

The range of Stabila products extend from folding rules to tape measures, spirit levels to digital angle finders and from distance measuring to laser leveling.

Stabila folding rules are designed to easily fit in the pocket and allow the measuring of longer distances than a standard single rule would allow. These have been slowly replaced by the newer tape measures, which are similar to folding rules, but coil up instead of folding.

Spirit levels are framed measuring tools with a vial of liquid (usually Ethanol) with a bubble in. When the bubble is centred in the vial, this indicated the perfect horizontal level. Stabila have a large range of spirit levels including masons levels, torpedo levels, magnetic levels, construction levels and digital levels.

Laser levels allow leveling at greater distances and reduce the time taken to measure and mark multiple locations. The newer self leveling laser levels also reduce the time taken to setup and use the levels.

Distance measuring is accomplished by bouncing a laser of a surface and calculating the time taken to receive the returning signal. Laser measures are excellent for quickly measuring rooms and offices and some can even calculate area and volume.

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