Saturday, 13 June 2009

Estwing Striking and Struck Hand Tools

Estwing manufacture a wide range of striking and struck hand tools for both the tradesman and craftsmen alike. Started in 1923, Estwing has grown into one of the worlds most leading manufacturer of comfortable, attractive and durable hand tools.

The range of Estwing striking and struck tools range is extensive and includes hammers, pry bars, axes, chisels, log splitters and geologist tools, all manufactured to the highest standards and offering true value.

In 2001, Estwing introduced a new grip covering that reduces the shock received when a tool is struck or being struck. This vibration is absorbed into the grip reducing the amount of shock the body receives. The grip is also ergonomically designed for the utmost comfort and durability.

More recently, in 2003, Estwing introduced the revolutionary new 'weight forward' hammers. These hammers have a fibreglass shaft and a forward weighted hammer head, which means that less power is required when striking. This new design offers more efficency when nailing and allows for a greater maimum force while still reducing the shock recieved by upto 50 percent.

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