Friday, 30 July 2010

Wera Extra Long Screwdriver Set

When working in confined spaces or narrow openings, having the right screwdriver is essential. The Wera Extra Long Screwdriver Set is designed for just such an occasion.

The 3 piece screwdriver set comprises of 1 x 5.5mm wide slotted screwdriver, 1 x PZ2 pozi driver screwdriver and 1 x PH2 Phillips screwdriver. All the screwdrivers in the set have 300mm long blade and are 390mm long including the handle.

The handles on these screwdrivers are ergonomically designed and this makes them more comfortable to hold when working for longer periods of time.

The tips on the Wera Screwdrivers are magnetised which allows for better control of screws and helps to prevent the lose of screws when working, and if they do drop, helps to pick up them back up again, even in confined areas.

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